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Sneaky bags

Sneaky bags


SPYDER // Covert Rifle Bag, SMALL / 27"

Sneaky Bags Spyder Large Covert Rifle Bag 36" | Covertbags.com Your online store for concealed carry bags.

Sneaky Bags Covert Rifle Bag Medium 31" (USE CODE "SBCRB31" FOR $10 OFF) | Covertbags.com Your online store for concealed carry bags.

Check out the Spyder line at Sneaky Bags.


Sneaky Bags developed the Trick or Treat bag at the request of a customer who wanted a bag to transport issued firearms and a small loadout, ...

The oval bag can be carried as a briefcase, quiver, or backpack, and would fit right in with sporting goods bags. The main compartment can hold two rifles ...

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Sneaky Bags Preview

Sneaky Bags Sentinel Backpack for Everyday Carry

Sneaky Bags - NAUTILUS

Sneaky Bags Sentinel Backpack | Covertbags.com Your online store for concealed carry bags.

50% Off Sneaky Bags S.U.B.

Best Of Shot Show 26 of 38: Sneaky Bags Sentinel Bag

Used in great condition Sneaky Bags, Spyder 27" Covert rifle Bag in black color.

Sneaky Bags, Nautilus Sling Bag, 22” ...

External: 27" (L) x 9.25" (W) x 5.5" (D)

Sentinel Backpack from Sneaky Bags | Sentinel Concepts


Sneaky Bags ToT Open with Vecro MOLLE

Sneaky Bags, Penguin Pouches

SUB / Shoulder Utility Bag - Large

Robbery Bob Sneaky - Bag!


Sneaky Bags Covert rifle bag

Sneaky Bags is taking 2016 by storm with new products, new partnerships and new reasons to fall in love with them. We will be reviewing the full line of ...

Image is loading Sneaky-Bag-S-U-B-Shoulder-Utility-Bag-Medium

CRB can be configured to be carried with a strap attached to a “D” ring on either end for quiver carry, or as a backpack as shown here.

The Spyder Covert Rifle bag comes in Small (27 in.), Medium (31 in.), and Large (3 in.) for SBRs, SMGs, and some carbines. Made of 1000D nylon, ...

Because of its design, CRB does not appear to be a rifle bag to the casual observer.

Sneaky Bags Tactical Utility Shoulder Bag

Sneaky Bags NAUTILUS


Sneaky Bags Nautilus Sling Pack | Covertbags.com Your online store for concealed carry bags.

... and a handgun in my Sneaky Bags S.U.B. The secondary pouch has a section that combines of MOLLE and hook and loop material to mount accessories.


For Sale: Sneaky bags covert rifle bag 31”

Main Pouch with 9mm Ammo box for scale

Minion Tote Bag featuring the photograph Minions Are Sneaky by Ricky Barnard



The messenger bag component features PALS/loop fabric for customization with compatible pouches, and two mesh pockets.

Sneaky Bags Spyder Small Covert Rifle Bag 27" | Covertbags.com Your online store for concealed carry bags.



50% Off Sneaky Bags S.U.B.

I was able to get my hands on the covert rifle bag and had some time to take out to give you readers a look.

Original Covert Rifle Bag 31"

SNEAKY BAGS will be showcasing some new additions to their line which including a new Covert Duffel Bag (CDB).

Style: Torun Weekend Bag Black

Sneaky Bag

The Unpredictable Sneaky Bag

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Sneaky Bags Spyder 36" Covert Rifle Bag is a concealed carry dream come true. Pack all your tactical gear for urban preparedness in this double rifle case ...

For Sale/Trade: Sneaky Bags, Spyder 27"Covert Bag

Sneaky CAT Small Leather Shoulder Hand Bag

Sneaky Bags Covert Rifle Bag Large 36" | Covertbags.com Your online store for concealed carry bags.

Generous Velcro backing sewn to the insides of the Sneaky Bag accessory pockets.

Emersongear USMC Magazine Pouch Mag Recycled Bags Sneaky Bags Drop Pou

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There are plenty of Velcro attachment points, and a removable ID holder was also included. Overall the bag remains very innocent looking on the exterior, ...

It looks like I can fit about three AR sized taco's on the inside large pocket. The other side of the pocket is all Velcro, no other attachment points.

The main weapons compartment features a padded divider, and can carry various sized firearms, including a broken-down carbine or PDW.


... Load image into Gallery viewer, Sneaky Bags, SPYDER, 22” Covert Rifle Bag ...


Sneaky Bag's Covert Rifle Bag Review – Covert Rifle Carry

50% Off Sneaky Bags S.U.B.

... backup RSAs and small Glock parts, emergency GPS beacon and other basic odds and ends. The daka keeps the bag vomit contained and organized which helps.

Sneaky Bag - S.U.B, Shoulder Utility Bags

The Sneaky Bags S.U.B. – Covert Fighting Load

Sneaky Bags ToT


... Sneaky-Bag-S-U-B-Shoulder-Utility-Bag-Small

This is a New Sneaky Bags active shooter bag that's not available anymore. This was one of the first models if you are familiar with them.



Folder FAL in Transport Mode stowed in the Sneaky Bag CRB – Note the pocket the muzzle end goes in. If the zipper comes undone, the barrel will not be ...

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Sneaky Bags Covert Rifle Bag

... Sneaky Bags SB02 Active Shooter Bag | by zero7one

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Sneaky Bags Shoulder Utility Bag

Sneaky Octopus Pattern Drawstring Bag

A small leather attaché or laptop bag (such as the grey TOT pictured at bottom), or a 'Bible case' will support a small loadout for a pistol caliber SBR or ...

(Fika is a Swedish word for coffee with friends.) There is so much to love about this tote, starting with the size. I adore big tote bags.