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Slavic gods

Slavic gods


10 Slavic Gods You Should Know About

Slavic Mythology – which is almost a internet celebrity when it comes to his images of Slavic history with motives of our mythology.

Slavic gods by [Decker, Marko]

The Kalinin bridge, the location of a legendary fight of the Russian bogatyrs against Zmey


Bishop Absalon topples the god Svantevit at Arkona - painting by Laurits Tuxen in the collection

God Veles. Veles is a major Slavic supernatural force of earth, waters and the underworld, associated with dragons, cattle, magic, musicians, ...

Belobog is the Slavic god of Light and Hope. His name literally means "White God". He is usually depicted as an old man dressed in white, with a long white ...

12 Gods Of Slavic Mythology And Their Amazing Powers

1. Svetovid


Svarog, the Slavic god of the blacksmith /

In Slavic mythology, Perun (Cyrillic: Перун) is the highest god of the pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning.

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Who Invented the Ancient Slavic Gods, and Why?

God Veles. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

Perun Slavic God

Perun: Seen as the highest god in the pantheon, god of thunder and lightning. Perun is another deity that I work with often. Associated with mountains, wind ...

Svarog – The Slavic God of Fire, Father of Gods and Creator of the World

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God Perun. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

Gods of the Slavic Mythology

Slavic God Perun


5 Most Popular Tales From Slavic Mythology

tstampedspear: Slavic God SVAROG. Svarog - God of heaven, lord and father of

Slavic Languages and Nations

Belobog White God In Everlasting Fight With His Cursed, Evil Counterpart, Chernobog In Slavic


Hierarchy of the divine, with the two categories proceeding from the supreme God, as illustrated by Georg F. Creuzer and Franz J. Mone. Baltic Slavs

The sirin, a mythological creature with the head and chest of a beautiful woman and

Slavic warriors hearing elder sing tales of Slavic Gods and their battles.



Slavic gods thunder into the the ranks of ancient mythology coins with the Mint of Poland's own series

Reanimating Slavic Gods: The Artist Breathes Life Into Ancient Deities

Veles and Perun: The Legendary Battle of Two Slavic Gods

Perun, Slavic God, artificial stone - brown

Slavic Gods: Slavic Union

The idol of one of the Slavic Gods is Triglav

3. Dažbog

God Rod. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology.


Duch Gór (The Mountain Spirit), also Karkonosz, Liczyrzepa - he is the legendary lord of Karkonosze mountains, he is responsible for the weather and ...

American Gods mythology guide: Who is bloodthirsty Slavic deity Czernobog?


The Temple of a Slavic god. Painting in oil by V.Ivanov

Svarog- a slavic god, who is credited with a relationship with the heaven, sun and the fire and also the blacksmithing. He's the only deity, whose existence ...

In addition to Chernobog, Hi-Rez has begun a new event called Divine Uprising. The event is pantheon-focused due to the launch of the new Slavic pantheon, ...



VELES, Slavic God of animals and forests

God Stribog

God Belobog. Slavic mythology. Slavic gods

Likho - Slavic Gods

Reanimating Slavic gods: The man who breathes life into deities

Veles, Perun and Svarog are featured as characters in the Croatian developed video game "Lords of Dawn". The previously mentioned first Croatian and Slavic ...


Zofia Stryjeńska, Weles z serii "Bożki słowiańskie", fot. Andrzej Chęć / Slavic ...

Abraham of Rostov destroys the Veles's statue. Fresco of the Church of Saint John The

Svyatibor – Slavic God of Forests and woods


Veles steals Jarilo, a son of Perun from the cradle and brings him to the

Andrey Shishkin Postcard "Slavic Gods, Veles" from Kristina in Sarov, Russia



The World of Ancient Gods – Slavic Goddesses

God Lel. Slavic gods. Slavic mythology

Svantevid war god in Slavic mythology

Smite - Slavic Pantheon 【My TOP 10 Gods that might be Released】

In ancient times, people used to make offerings to Veles, in form of the

Four Headed God Svetovid - Svetovid is the Slavic god of war, fertility and abundance. He is four-headed war god. Svetovid's four heads stand for the four ...

Veles - Slavic Gods series by Yuushin7 ...

He is one of the most important gods in the Slavic pantheon. “Svarga” in Sanskrit - is the sky, the firmament, “Var” - is fire or ...

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Slavic Paganism and Slavic Gods

Slavic gods

One of the main slavic deity, often acting as a head of other gods (like Zeus or Odin, unfortunately, slavic gods aren't as well known).

New Ethereum Technology Begs Help From Slavic Gods

Svarog – The Slavic God of Fire, Father of Gods and Creator of the World

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DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure


Wooden statues of Slavic gods, sacrifice

Lady Midday - Slavic Gods

Slavic Gods calendar 2018

Lel – The Slavic God of Erotic Passion

PERUN Thunder Slavic Gods 2 Oz Silver Coin 2$ Niue 2018

Ancient Slavic supreme deities

4. Perun

Image is loading Perun-Thunder-Slavic-Gods-Niue-2018-2-2-

Triglav - Slavic Gods series by Yuushin7 ...

Mythology & Cultures

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... my own relationships with the gods. I thought I would share some of my experiences and what I've learned. I hope you might be able to find this helpful!

God Veles

Zofia Stryjeńska, Bożki słowiańskie (Slavic Gods) photo: Andrzej Chęć / courtesy of