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Slavic animal symbolism

Slavic animal symbolism



Meet the Slavs


National Slavic Symbols: Our National Animals And The Meaning Behind Them

A set of animal symbols of the Slavic countries. Wild boar - Poland, pig, crane - Ukraine, bear - Russia. Decorated with ethnic ornaments.

Set of ancient symbols.

A large set of vector images of symbols of Slavic pagan gods with names in Russian

A complete set of ancient Slavic (ancient russian) pagan symbols with their names in


The wolf was a totem animal for the ancient Slavic peoples. It's always had a major role in the people's folklore, and the same goes for mythology.

Slavic calendar 2015 White Owl year

... 9,10 – sky fire, 11 – symbol of planet positioned in for worlds (!), 12- universal tree, 13 – triune goddess, 14-19 – symbols of animals

Slavic mythology - Community - Google+

Seeing how the Serbs have from great antiquity worshipped Dažbog, it's perfectly logical that his animal form would be the Serbian totem ...

When Current State Symbols Were Adopted In Slavic Countries

Within the night sky as seen by the Slavic people, there is also a constellation which is known as the Wolf, and their astrology is strongly concerned with ...


Slavic Amulets Symbols Set. Solar Symbols. Swastika. Thunderous Sign. Kolovrat And Crosses. Vector Illustration Illustration 84254196 - Megapixl

Northwestern Slavic hierarchy of the divine, as illustrated by Ignác Jan Hanuš.


DAŽBOG, Slavic God of Sun, figure

Pictish carving ...

Ivica Stevanovic - There was a belief that the unborn child of dead pregnant woman can become a were… | illustrations of the mostly faerie tale variety ...

Totem Oso, Bear Totem, Finnish Tattoo, Bear Tattoos, Animal Tattoos, Slavic

A large set of vector images of symbols of Slavic pagan gods with names in Russian

Double Sided Norse Vikings Eagle Kolovrat Amulet Pendant Necklace Nordic Slavic Symbol Animal Jewelry Christmas Gift Men Women

Slavic National Symbols: Our National Flowers


Silver Slavic Viking Jewelry

Vector ancient slavic pagan symbol of Veles, god of animals

Slavic ornate with two red cocks. Beautiful Slavic background with 2017 Chinese New Year Symbols

Rodovik - s Slavic symbol Odolen-Trava, symbolizes strength of god Rod.

1000+ images about Baltic/Slavic embroidery & Symbols on Pinterest Pagan Symbols,

She Wolves of Midwinter, Slavic & Balkan Animism in the traditions of a Shaman (part 2/2) – Elder Mountain Dreaming

Gods of the Slavic Mythology

Slavic symbols Ancient symbols - I study symbology and find it fascinating.

firebird painting. “

Firebird (Slavic folklore)

illustration of symbol of peace. Slavic symbols Stock Vector - 109086820

Hierarchy of the divine, with the two categories proceeding from the supreme God, as illustrated by Georg F. Creuzer and Franz J. Mone. Baltic Slavs

Celtic Art, Pagan Tattoo, Symbolic Art, Folklore, Occult, Faeries, Zentangle

Slavic Light Symbols (The Slavic Way Book 5) by [Kushnir, Dmitriy]

A Slavic Legend of Immortality: Koschei, the Deathless

The Leshy is a male woodland spirit in Slavic folklore who protects wild animals and forests

Symbols Slavic Gods and Goddesses Each Slavic talisman associated with God, has special features. For example, Svarog amulet gives health, and ward Lada ...

illustration of symbol of peace. Slavic symbols Stock Vector - 109086821

A shrine of Svarog in Bitsa Park, Moscow.

Ancient Slavic symbols.

Consider the difficulty in describing the rhinoceros to others. The 15th century text says that it is like an elephant (because it has horns) but is far ...

Slavic tattoos by Polish artists

As we learn from historic sources, the peoples living adjacent to the Slavs believed that their neighbours occasionally turn into wolves.

Slavic Kolovrat and Swastika

Veles and Perun: The Legendary Battle of Two Slavic Gods

Slavic mythology from Poland [part 6/?] » BIESY Artwork © Paweł Zych

Horses are present in Slavic mythology, Nordic peoples' traditions, nomadic Asian cultures, Native American folklore, shamanic traditions and so on.

Ancient Slavic symbols.

Wooden bird of happiness on the rite of fire - Slavic symbols

Icons with Slavic pagan symbols vector image

Świętowit vel Svantevit, a statue of the pagan Slavic god; Photo: Andrzej Sidor

Slavic calendar 2015 White Owl year. Wild Boar

Slavic mythical deity. - Simargl. Slavic mythical.

The Firebird – a magical creature from Slavic fairy tales

10 Ancient Love Symbols

Mountain animals pattern in ethnic style. Vector illustration


Slavic Mythology Medallions by Azarela90 ...

Stock Photo - Wooden bird of happiness on the rite of fire - Slavic symbols

Romantic (fictitious) illustrations of Slavic deities, in "Historia Lusatica", Acta Eruditorum, Calendis Aprilis 1715.

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Slavic Mythological Figures by Maxim Kuleshov (Gallery)


image 0 ...

slavic firebird

History and meaning of Slavic Swastika,Kolovrat'

Slavic amulets symbols set. Solar symbols.

10 Baba Yaga

Perhaps because of Winnie-the-Pooh, Westerners tend to associate owls with wisdom and intelligence, but in period Slavic literature, the owl was seen as ...

Artwork by Oleg Petrenko, Slavic symbols, Made of mixed media on fiberboard

Set of icons with Slavic pagan symbols for your design.

Russian, Slavic runes, amulets A large set of vector images of symbols of Slavic

Alkonost and the Gamayun, the mythical beings of Slavic folklore

Andreas Gottlieb Masch, "Die gottesdienstlichen Alterthümer der Obotriten aus dem Tempel zu Rhetra am

Bread in Poland

Perun Slavic God

Veles, Slavic lord of the Forest MMXVI Mixed Media ...

Leshy in Slavic myths

Daisies 1pc Personalized Punk Slavic Pendant Veles God Symbol Bear Paw Pendant Necklace Talisman Amulet Viking

image 0

Traditional Russian symbols. Vector postcard, illustration in flat style. Russian bear with balalaika on the background of St. Basils Cathedral, ...

Early Slavs

... Slavic god Veles by artist Katarzyna Oskarbska ...