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Perfectionist drawing

Perfectionist drawing


Carmel Jenkin. The Perfectionist, Drawing ...

How to Not Be Perfectionist

Who cares!? You made something. Maybe it isn't the best piece of art in the world. Maybe it isn't perfect. But you followed through, and you didn't quit.

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To The Girl Who Thinks Perfectionism Equates To A Perfect Life | HuffPost

I spent some time drawing yesterday.

Plenty of practice paid off for patient perfectionist LordGris — one of the inspirations for this challenge. | @lord_gris

an example of her earliest attempts at colouring age 2

This is how the perfectionist really works: smoothing out those rough patches, actively seeking out gaps in her knowledge, testing herself and starting ...

11 6 drawing recovering perfectionist w500

Sally - Nightmare Before Christmas by ~perfectionist-pencil on deviantART

How to handle your child's perfectionism

... jaw-droppingly photo-realistic pencil drawings of much classier and artsy-er topics than cartoon camels, I realized I was WAY out of my league.

I've always been extremely intimidated by drawing because I'm a perfectionist who gets very easily discouraged. So, I've decided to challenge myself, ...

When I was in early high school, I was one of the “best” students in my art class. In full transparency, that statement's really not saying a whole lot, ...

Flayed Mikes

I'm very much a perfectionist when it comes to my art. I am not good at drawing people at all so this took FOREVER.

MILRANY The Perfectionist 1000

Eventually, I settle on a line and keep drawing. Perfectionist tendencies die after several attempts at a “perfect line”.

This is What Happens When You are a Perfectionist aka Stubborn. I 固执的成果。 by joelai | Steem

My ten year old is teaching himself to draw. I sneak in and look at his work since he's a perfectionist and only shows me things he's proud of.

Image titled Be an Openminded Perfectionist Step 5

Trying my hand at drawing some Manga... Because of how much of a

Stop Being Such a Perfectionist!



Why being perfectionist will make you fail? |Tip125

Glenn Arthur: An Imperfect Perfectionist.

Emma Watson sketch made by Me Please tag her in the comments to let her know. Follow me I'm new here, and will be posting more such ...

Once you've confirmed your email, your free digital download of this month's image will begin; print my drawing up on whatever paper you like and get ...

Child #16, Score: 41, 65 months. Figure 4. Child #

I feel a bit insecure about sharing behind the scenes photos of my pencil illustrations as the perfectionist in me thinks they don't look 'finished'.


But here's the funny part, that perfectionist tendency does not carry over at all to my art making.

Kubrick Drawing - The Perfectionist by Jim Valentine

30 Jan 2019 In the mind of a perfectionist. (11" x 14"

Frank Cho working late night again on Skybourne. Third time drawing this page. (

Neutral People - csp39131933

Seven Rules for Pricing Your Artwork

The final result of my blind contour drawing party. As a perfectionist this is killing me. I think I'm going to make myself do them more often

Drawing - Perfectionist word cloud. Fotosearch - Search Clipart, Illustration, Fine Art Prints


Leon burst out laughing

Confession: Kicking Perfectionism to the Curb

This was my first time drawing Medli, and I'm not too proud of it. I'm a perfectionist so it generally takes me a long time to draw things, but I couldn't ...

... and add a few wispy hairs around, wherever you see them in the reference photo. Don't be perfectionist about this…just let your pencil freely draw these ...

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Perfectionist complex by Asurito13 ...

Perfectionism is an excuse for self defeat

Businessman Attitude Personalities

lazy perfectionist

Some random practice while listening to an audiobook... the more I look on great drawings by ...

2017 - The Drawing That Took For Ever!

Don't be perfectionist about this…just let your pencil freely draw these lines. You want them to flow and look natural.


Learn How to Draw Graffiti Names on Paper and Be a Perfectionist

Child #11, score 42, age: 64 months. Figure 2. Child

P is for Perfectionist

My drawings always irk my perfectionist nature because they never look exactly as I want them

Word writing text Perfectionist. Business concept for Person who wants everything to be perfect Highest standards Drawing calculation solve equality s



Give this kid a task and she will exceed your expectations. #perfectionist

Because he fixed his adorable bunny face drawing.

image 0 ...

How Perfectionism Can Hold You Back


I'm happy that I feel I've made progress on my main goal: to try to ditch some of the perfectionist in me and speed up.

Sketched from Jill Barklem's Summer Story. It took a couple tries to get a sketch I was happy with. Drawing on stacks ...

Hands by Da Vinci: Always the perfectionist he practiced his art until he could actually "feel it" being right.

Kwife Plays: Disney Art Academy Perfectionist DRAWING Time (Recorded Live)

Here is a drawing of Link who has yet to be outlined with a Copic Multiliner and Todoroki from the anime, 'My Hero Academia,' who is in need of more pencil ...

Blind Contour 1 - For this activity, we had to draw our hand with a contour line (a continuous, steady line that basically contours and outlines the shape ...


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It's mainly her hair I dislike. Anime hair just kills me. That, and hands. As you can see I gave up on her left (my right) hand and left it as a ...

Another 2016 Drawing - Gaining Experience!

Perfectionist vs. Optimalist #50

Shanty Tuba

Grim Reaper Drawing - New Yorker December 15th, 2008 by Zachary Kanin

Why You Can't Be A Perfectionist And A Solopreneur


Image titled Work for a Perfectionist Boss Step 1


And last but not least, we did two 30 minute poses, which has to be my favorite exercise, as my 'perfectionist self' suffers a lot less, as a result.

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The idea of drawing something within a quick time scale e.g. 2minuets, really worries me because I would describe myself as a perfectionist. Drawing ...

... drawings, I start off with a basic sketch. Keep in mind, to just get the face shape alone took me a while 30 minutes. I am quite the perfectionist.


Perfectionism cartoon 17 of 25

Nature is a perfectionist when it comes to the arrangement of form and color. Let nature guide you and you will always find the process of drawing educ.


Drawing by Elizabeth Wagele


I started drawing as a very young child. A perfectionist from day one, I was absorbed for hours on end, and only hand cramps stopped me.

Sarah McIntyre's tips for talking about drawing

The Perfectionist Drawing with Pixelation