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Lewis collins height

Lewis collins height


Lewis Collins Picture

Height of Martin Shaw

Faded star: Lewis Collins has gone from dangerously attractive hunk, to middle-aged

lewis collins

All-action: Lewis Collins playing anti-terrorist agent Will Bodie in the Professionals

Height of Patrick McGoohan

Lewis Collins

Lewis Collins

Professional: Lewis Collins as tough guy Bodie in the 1970s show

Lewis Collins...the one...the ONLY ...Bodie

Lewis Collins

Height of Gordon Jackson

Father: Collins had three sons, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron and was photographed picking

Lewis Collins

Height of David Soul

Family: The British actor with his wife Michelle Larrett and their 19-month old

Deadly: During the hit TV show his character was licensed to use 'any means

Lewis Collins 1 Jan 2013

Lewis Collins was even tougher than his legendary role in The Professionals | Daily Mail Online

Lewis Collins lewis collins height

Lewis Collins height

Lewis Collins does something ...

Lewis Collins

Stars of the Professionals: Shaw (left to right), Gordon Jackson and Collins

The Professionals

Lewis Collins: a home-grown action hero too tough for James Bond | Television & radio | The Guardian

Career: The British actor also starred in a drama about serial killer Jack the Ripper

Icon: The actor died peacefully surrounded by his family, according to his agent

Back on the beat: On a 2002 episode of The Bill, Collins played a

Lewis Collins

Sensitive side: Bodie often hid his intelligent side behind his macho image, enjoying English

Lewis Collins

Lewis Collins

Daredevil: Collins vaulting a railing above the streets of London in 1981. He auditioned

The Professionals Martin Shaw, Gordon Jackson and Lewis Collins

Lewis Collins Photo

Height of Lewis Collins

lewis collins. MARTIN SHAW, ACTOR. Mandatory Credit: Photo by NILS JORGENSEN / Rex Features (

Lewis Collins: Lewis Collins, most famous for his role in The Professionals has died

Father: Collins had three sons, Oliver, Elliot and Cameron and was photographed picking

Deadly force: Mr Collins (right) with his Professionals co-star Martin Shaw

Lewis Collins: He auditioned for the role of James Bond but was not liked by

Lewis Collins was even tougher than his legendary role in The Professionals | Daily Mail Online

Lewis Collins (right) and Martin Shaw in 'The Professionals'

CI5 Die Profis - Bodie Doyle Fanforum - Lewis Collins - William Bodie - Bodie pics

Danny Collins (footballer)

51 Shortly afterwards, With his goat, Sugar Lewis ...

Phil Collins

Lewis Collins: How The Professionals' William Bodie is looking his age | Daily Mail Online

Heart throbs: Granite-jawed Lewis Collins as William Bodie, left, and curly

Lewis Collins: Lewis Collins & The Mojos pop group in the 60s

Hollywood calling: The actor was born in the Wirral but relocated to Los Angeles where

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Fred Lewis Collins - Jamaica


Fred Lewis Collins - HS Awards, Choral and Physical Fitness

7 Lewis Collins

Harold & Doretta Lewis Collins go on honeymoon

Damian Lewis

Lewis Collins

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lewis collins, martin shaw, professionals photo: Sepia B&D 000h0h5z.jpg

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Margaret Lewis Collins Obituary -

John Royston vs Lewis Collins

photo tvtimes_Oct1988_ripper2.jpg

Meriwether Lewis

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Lewis Collins: In his most famous role as Bodie in The Professionals in 1978 with

Leona Lewis

... Lewis Collins in Der Commander (1988) ...

Martin Shaw (I)

lewis collins, martin shaw, professionals photo: Desiderata 0000ef6z.jpg

Lily Collins (I)


Mark Carney

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lewis vs collins


Lewis Collins - Height Birthday Zodiac Quotes Filmography Family Education Photos Biography ...

photo ripper.jpg

Lewis Collins as Bodie behind the wheel of a classic Ford Capri S in 'The Professionals' (ITV)

photo tvtimes_Oct1988_ripper.jpg

Kaitlan Collins.

Dying Freud offers Lewis last duel on religion. Larry Collins ...

Lewis Collins

By Lauren Collins. The actor probes his characters, but his method isn't Method. “I'm Damian Lewis, not Daniel Day-Lewis,” he said.

Lewis, age 48

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