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Ksp science tips

Ksp science tips


[KSP][Career][1.4] Ep3. Quick Science Tips - Kerbal Space Program Tutorial

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TUTORIAL - HOW TO GET SCIENCE FAST! (EASY) | Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1

Kerbal Space Program Part 3 ▻ Getting Lots of Science (KSP Career Mode) ◁ Gameplay / Tutorial / Tips

KSP Tutorial - Tips on How to Get Started (Kerbal Space Program Career Mode Walkthrough/Tutorial) - YouTube

kerbal launch

Video forLearning the Basics in Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition for Xbox One


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Kerbal Space Program 5 Tips With Moon Landings

Tutorial - How To Make A Science Collecting Rover! (Kerbal Space Program)

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Kerbal Space Program 10 Construction Tips


Universal Storage

Kerbal Science Mode ~ 01 Basic Science

DiscussionCan anyone give me any tips on what to do after completing the tech tree? Science is piling up now lol.

Completing Objectives - In the new version of KSP, you can take on missions (contracts) and complete objectives to earn both kerbal money and science as ...

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Batteries, science instruments and probe core (so you can crew it with a scientist and reset the experiments) in the service bay. Spin before decoupling the ...

Video: Kerbal Space Program – Career Mode Guide For Beginners – Part 1

Mobile Lab Science Farming (Beginner Tutorial: Part 9) - Kerbal Space Program (KSP) 1.1 Stock Career

Hold your hand horizontal with your finger tips pointing into the wind. Angle your hand up slightly. Positive lift. Angle your hand down slightly.

Tip: Send science probes to landing zones ahead of time so your landers don't need science equipment ...


7 BASIC TIPS & TRICKS to get better at building stuff in Kerbal Space Program (KSP Tutorial)

They can do three things - make an EVA Report, Collect Surface Sample and Plant a Flag. EVA Report and Surface Sample will gain you Science, so click on ...

KSP Mods - Portable Science Container

Kerbal Engineering - How to build Duna Science Lander Probe

x-science-1.jpg ...



Kerbal Space Program - tips for Sips - Album on Imgur

Kerbal Space Program's 'Build Fly Dream' video is still the best fan-made trailer ever

Upcoming: one in low homeworld orbit that will receive all the transmitted science from Science Relay ...

PSLE community tips

I had just enough science for one Tier 8 research (but not enough for two Tier 7s) so I grabbed "Meta-Materials". I did save before this research, ...

Without the Science Jr., the capsule is stable reentering tail-first, but with it, it becomes stable when flying head-first, making the heat shield useless.

Just a drone with bunch of science stuff, parachutes, batteries and solars. Propulsion is taken care by quad of Sparks. Can be easily upgraded by replacing ...

Screenshot of Kerbal Engineer Redux rocket

Starbucks: Kerbal Space Program Expanding Career Mode

Principles of Chemical Science - Prof.: Principles of Chemical Science - Prof.

KSP-Interstellar space station

Ascent stage

This temperature conversion chart in Celsius and Fahrenheit helps you pack for your trip.

2nd generation long range science plane

(Not) Rocket Science In Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program [1.1.2] – Ep 44 – Mun Science Mission Part 3 – Let's Play

Kerbal Space Program [1.1] – Ep 4 – KSC Science Collection – Let's Play


Stable Orbit – Tips For Building The Perfect Space Station

Teaching Students With Special Needs in Inclusive Classrooms + Succeeding in the Inclusive Classroom Science Student

Putting it Together: Tips for Raising your Civ's Science Output

Tips: Kerbal Space Program

Lander can easily perform one or two small hops for more science.

Resulting in following science upgrades:

1st launch: Grab science from Kerbin and first vessel contracts. Build first rocket, pod+parachute+flea with 2-3 Goo canisters (if doing two, ...

KSP Delta 4 Heavy

Tips: Kerbal Space Program poster Tips: Kerbal Space Program screenshot 1

HL 60t mk3


Earned almost 700 thousand credits and over eleven hundred science points in single flight. Check out Mission Control from time to time for "plant ...

ImageMy ...

According to the commentary from Quoniam15, It propose to create a little rover and then put it in a 2.5m service bay.


A simple rocket setup without asparagus staging.


Kerbal Space Program [1.1.2] – Ep 45 – Mun Science Mission Part 4 – Let's Play

Kerbal Space Program – Taking Science to the Mobile Processing Lab

Returning to Kerbin is very simple, you can do it just like with Mun With some orbit tweaking I managed to pass by Mun on return trip for more science and ...

... if you want it to do a lot more good, and some science equipment, such as a thermometer. I often make a much bigger orbiter that looks like this:

Science devices for those who play in carrer mod:

Turn the reaction wheels to SAS only and select stability assist it will help you to keep your rover under control on low gravity planets like minmius


In Kerbal Space Program, take charge of the space program for the alien race known as the Kerbals. You have access to an array of parts to assemble ...

Kerbal Space Program career mode arrives in “one of, if not the largest update we've ever done”

Interest-Led Science: Tips & Guidelines for Independent Learning

Help the Kerbals launch a spaceship into outer space.

KSP Cubic Octagonal Strut Tip

Kerbal Space Program 1.2 Adds Comm Networks

Remember, however, that you will still need a rocket to get it into space and, if you want it to do a lot more good, and some science equipment, ...

Kerbal Space Program [1.1.2] – Ep 35 – Mun Science Mission Part 1 – Let's Play

I tipped over on Minmus

Kerbal Space Program [1.1] – Ep 2 – First Probe To Space – Let's Play

Non-atmospheric landing mean that on the planet there is no atmosphere to slow you, parachute don't work and you will need to use boosters to brake.

Medieval China STEM Activity!

NMSI student wiki - lecture notes, review materials, labs. National Math and Science Initiative

Kerbal Space Program