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How to wax a car

How to wax a car


How to wax your car to perfection


How to Hand-Wax and Machine-Wax Your Car

After waxing, use horsehair detailing brushes to remove polish and wax residue from all cracks and crevices.

Signs You Need To Wax Your Car

1977 Datsun 280Z

How to Wash and Wax a Car

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Waxing your car the right way

man using power tool to polish car

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Why & how often you should wax your car?

Car Washing & Detailing : How to Wax a Car by Hand

Waxing your car a couple times a year will help keep it looking shiny and protect

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Best Car Wax Reviewed

should you wax or polish your car

How to Correctly Hand Wax a Car - Paradise Auto Detailing

Get Hot Wax Service on Your Vehicle

How to Wax A Car With A Buffer

Waxing a Brand New Car

Benefits of Waxing Your Car Regularly



Best Car Wax

Probably The Best How To Wax Your Car | Expert Video | Mitchell and King Car Wax

The Flitz Guide to Car Wax Vs. Car Polish


Car Maintenance

2014 BMW 535i detailed by Mike Phillips in the Autogeek Show Car Garage. Mike's wax of choice was Pinnacle Black Label Synergy.

How To Apply Car Wax

Pinnacle Souveran Wax does not need to dry before removing, so after we machine applied the wax we then slipped on Microfiber Gloves and removed the wax ...

How to Clay Bar and Wax your Car - FT86SpeedFactory

If your wax streaks, use a detailing spray and a clean buffing towel.This will typically fix the problem.

water beeding off car

side by side images of person applying then removing wax on silver hood

wiping spot on car with fingertip in a cloth

After polishing, thoroughly wipe the remaining abrasives away with MICRO FIBER CLOTH wrung dry. And follow the process 2)~3) again to complete the whole car ...

How to Wax a Car and Other Tips to Protect Your Car Paint Job

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Shop all car wax

Experts commonly recommend that you should apply a car wax to your vehicle once every three months at the least. Some kinds of wax are made to work more ...

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How to Wax your Car by Hand (4 steps)

How to Wax Your Car Like a Pro

The New Right Way To Wash, Wax, and Protect Your Car - PopularMechanics.com

P21S is one of the best car wax for black cars. Especially when applied thoroughly

car wax coating

best car wax

Car Waxing vs. Polishing

Liquid Wax Paint Sealant


Car being washed through a drive-thru car wash

How often should you wax a car?

Buffing and Waxing your Car

Some detailing shops use buffers to apply a wax coat, others do it by hand

How often should I wash, wax and detail my car?

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Why Is It Important To Wax Your Car? - Chemical Guys Car Care

Can a wash and wax car shampoo replace waxing?

... sure you cover all the areas, but also be very careful you spread it very thinly. Too much wax will be hard to buff off and may leave wax holograms.

How to detail a car - Polishing the lights

Optimum Car Wax looks as good as a carnauba wax and lasts as long as a

After waxing, your final paint finish should be smooth, glossy and wet looking.

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This is the expert's guide on how to wax a car. The fun part is that you don't even need to be an expert detailer to do it right.

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spray wax for cars

Do you love the look of a professionally waxed car but don't want to foot the bill to hire a detailer? There are a variety of great tips that you can follow ...

The car owner's manual includes a special section for the right wax product for your vehicle. You can also choose one from the best car waxes that are ...

Rising Star RS B CC08 Car Wax Auto Care Car Paint Cleaning and Detailing Paste Automotive Wax Nanotech Crystal Car Wax 125ml Kit-in Hard Wax from ...

Apply Wax

Spray Wax vs Paste Wax – Which Is Better for Your Car?

If you've ever used car wax, you'll also know that it gives the car a nice shiny finish. The diagram above should give you a good idea of why: what the wax ...

There should be no wax residue remaining once buffing is complete, leaving a good shine

Going to clay and wax my car this weekend, any pointers?-maz.

Amazon.com: Car Paint Scratch Removal Repair Liquid Wax Car scratch repair wax car paint on the road to remove traces of repair paint repair pen scratch: ...

Wax sponge for waxing the car.

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beading water on car

The Best Car Wax, Wash, and Detailing Supplies