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Foot cranked lathe

Foot cranked lathe


The Foot Powered (Treadle) Lathe

Treadle lathe Williamsburg

Wilkinson Foot Powered Wood Lathe

W.F. & John Barnes were famous for their line of heavy duty and extremely well made human powered woodworking machines as well as their metal lathes and ...

Simple treadle lathe power for Craftsman lathe

Woodworkers Treadle Lathe Woodbodied and Foot Operated | eBay

Treadle Lathe. A foot powered ...

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Getting started

Foot Powered Wood Lathe ...

100_2785x2-2-.jpg ...

Oak and Walnut Foot Treadle Lathe | Sale Number 2502, Lot Number 227 | Skinner Auctioneers

great wheel lathe

Building and Shaping the Flywheel

Thread: W.C. Young Treadle Lathe

treadle lathe - looks easy enough to build

Hybrid Great Wheel Lathe

Make Your Own Treadle Lathe by [Schmeck, Steve]

Pedal powered lathe

Then ...

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Is this a foot crank lathe?! <3 I wonder if I can use some of this design for a pottery wheel.


It's still foot powered but with the crank, flywheel and pulley it spins around the same way all the time rather than back and forth and there's quite a ...

Judging from the crank handles on the compound slide rest assembly, tiny micrometer dials and general appearance it would ...

pedal-powered lathe

the lathe

Ornate Shepard foot powered treadle lathe. Hand wheel on tailstock not original and will be

Shepard foot powered metal lathe with sliding seat

May 5, 2012

40 Ton x 4″ Used Rousselle Straight Side Double Crank Press, Mdl. 4SS56, Air Clutch & Brake, Air Counter Balance, Dual Palm Control, Foot Pedal, ...

vintage Treadle foot power wood working lathe Goodell Pratt Millers Falls ?

Barnes Lathe

dscn3464.jpg ...

Making and Using a Hand Crank Lathe for Use With a Plasma Cutter

Treadle-powered Table Saw | Sale Number 2623M, Lot Number 243 | Skinner Auctioneers

closer view of lathe

Hand Powered Bow Lathe

Large old lathe

Synopsis: A foot-powered lathe must somehow convert the downward motion of the turner's foot to rotary motion of the workpiece. The crank and flywheel have ...

On their own, pedals and cranks did not offer a better mechanical advantage than the hand crank, let alone the capstan or the treadwheel.

Chinese pedal operated saw

A Woodworker's Musings

Pedal Powered Table Saw - Experiment


A picture that clearly shows the fabricated nature of the lathe's construction

the tool holder

George Adams TE6 2.25" x 8" precision lathe - a heavy-duty watch and clockmaker's lathe based on the American WW type. Typical of the many different small ...

Traditional Japanese lathe


The ...

Pedal powered wood strip cutter

Examples of lathes[edit]

Dimo grit grinder

Picture of Building a Viking Pole Lathe Without Using Power ...

Foot powered ...

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Gap bed foot powered lathe

Foot Powered Lathe and Scroll Saw Plan - Lathe Tips, Jigs and Fixtures | WoodArchivist.com

Setting the Lathe compound to precision angles

Later Halls lathes followed prevailing fashion with the headstock made a little more rigid, spindle bearings increased in size and spindle end thrust was ...

Treadle Lathe Plans

Removing the feet

Foot power former

foot pedal lathe

Taig Micro Lathe II With Modifications

... perhaps a sawbench, shaper or milling attachment - the latter available on a number of "precision bench" lathes in the late 1800s including those by the ...

Download File

Download File

Pedal powered mill tresher2

Mancuna ("Capitol") Lathe, Hand-cranked Drills & Key Cutters

This is the first treadle lathe I ever used. Most modern watchmakers lathes are powered by small motors that scream in your ear and have two speeds, ...

Barnes 4 1/2 Foot Powered Metal Lathe

Water-powered Blanchard lathe used for duplicating gun stocks from 1850's. Harpers Ferry Armory.

Additional Sources on Lathe Construction

dscn3464.jpg dscn3463.jpg ...

Early light duty foot powered metal lathe

milling machine

Roy Underhill's treadle lathe ...

A Champion Blower Forge 13-inch lathe still in daily use and well appreciated by its proud owner. Of unusual and rare configuration for a Blower Forge lathe ...

The Machinists' Mantra: Level Thy Lathe

This design is a bit more complicated, but works like a foot treadle sewing machine. Pros and Cons: The wood being turned remains in a constant circular ...

... dscn3466.jpg ...

If you have a Halls lathe the writer would be very surprised - and delighted if you would make contact. More pictures here and here

... 100_2786x1-2-.jpg ...

Drive came from a treadle mechanism, the forged crank turned by use of a full-width foot-plate and the single, slender (rather light-looking) flywheel ...

The initial prototype. While not terribly sturdy, it worked!


Craftsman Gregorio Vara working a chair leg on a lathe in Tenancingo, State of Mexico

A lathe, my dearest, an ole time treadle lathe.


the saw table folded back