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Fairy tail edolas lisanna

Fairy tail edolas lisanna



Earth Land and Edolas Lisanna exchange

Lisanna in edolas

Lisanna recognised Happy and Natsu from Erthland

Lisanna Edolas. Lisanna Edolas Fairy Tail ...

Edolas arc

Before they get a chance to hug her, Erza stops them, suspicious, how she came back. Lisanna answers by claiming she had never died, and telling them what ...

Episode ...

Natsu reaction when meet Lisanna at Edolas

Strauss Family

:{Fairy Tail}:

Summary ...

When Lisanna regains consciousness , she finds a guild in Edolas, that is similar to the Fairy Tail guild back in Earth land. Everyone in the guild believes ...

Fairy Tail 198 Lisanna by Condore-51 on DeviantArt

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Alive ...

Did you know.

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... Carla arrived at Edolas Fairy Tail. Natsu see's Lisanna in the guild hall and Natsu is vary surprised and try's to follow her but Edolas Lucy stops him ...

Edolas meets Earthland

Death of Lisanna Strauss

Edolas Juvia

i don't hate, her._. in fact, i say she's

#wattpad #fanfiction Lucy has been ignored ever since Lisanna came back from edolas and called weak and replacement for lisanna by her one and only love.

Lisanna vs. Juvia

Natsu x Lisanna + Edolas Natsu photo 18756096_p10.jpg

To Edolas and Back (Mystogan x Lisanna)

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Cana is a member of the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild. She is the Edolas counterpart of Cana Alberona.

Lisanna Strauss

Tenrou Island Arc: (Pay only attention to Lisanna) Grand Magic Games Arc:

Daftar karakter Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail Brave Guild - Lisanna Strauss

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Edolas Fairy Tail


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Edolas Wendy

Pets: Lisanna considers Happy to be hers, as well as Natsu's.

Lisanna Strauss download Lisanna Strauss image

... actually even prepared ;) . Natsu is going to end up with Lissana that's for sure NALI is what you will see not NALU that's for sure take my word on ...

Fairy Tail – Edolas Arc. That ...

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List of Fairy Tail chapters (volumes 16–30)

LISANNA! 💙💙💙💛 ° ° ° PLS SHOW SOME LOVE and follow lovely

Appearance Lisanna's outfit in Edolas Lisanna Lisanna after she comes back from Edolas Lisanna's Animal Soul: Cat Lisanna's Animal Soul: Bird Lisanna's ...

Heartwarming / Fairy Tail

Lisanna is also one of my favourite characters, with her sweet attitude and cute smile. She deserved more attention and love, instead of the hate she gets, ...

Lisanna Strauss ...

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Edolas Fairy Tail

'Fairy Tail' Creator Opens Up About Natsu and Lucy's Romance

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Fairy Tail Lisanna Strauss Edolas arc

You could find many answers saying LUCY but you should consider the fact that NATSU and LISSANA actually had a romantic relationship when they were kids.

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Another World (Fairy Tail Fanfiction)

Fairy Tail Lisanna Strauss Cosplay Costume Buy

Edolas Natsu - Fairy Tail 80 , 81 Reaction

Erza Knight Walker, Hunter of Fairy Tail


Natsu X Lisanna||Fairy tail AMV

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Fairy Tail - Natsu x Lisanna

Day 3 least favorite fairy tail member- Lisanna

I had imagined a triangular relationship between Natsu, Lisanna, and Lucy. It was my intention. At that time, what fans thought about romantic relationships ...

Lisanna Edolas | by SuzySilence Lisanna Edolas | by SuzySilence

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Lisanna (Edolas)

Fairy Tail Lisanna Hot Trending Now

Later, after the Edolas Arc, we find that Lisanna has come home to Fairytail and is reunited with her siblings. This was a very touching moment, ...

Fairy Tail Lisanna Strauss Cosplay Costume Fairy Tail Lisanna Edolas Cosplay Outfits

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... Lisanna Strauss, Edo-Mirajane & Edo-Elfman - Arc Edolas


Fairy Tail - Lisanna and Natsu

Bye-bye, Edolas

Ternyata Lisanna tidak mati tetapi dia tersedot anima dan berpindah ke edolas. Saat kekuatan sihir di edolas hancur, Lisanna kembali lagi ke bumi dan ...

『Book 1:Fairy Tail x Reader』

Fairy Tail

[Full](p1)Stinglu sabertooth là ngôi nhà fairy tail mãi mãi là địch